Branding strategy

To generate more drive and start a new business chapter, the company was rebranded from the name and logo up to all everyday tools.


Project 2017-2018

Branding strategy




  • Greetings card
  • Advice & branding strategy
  • Naming & branding
  • House style artwork
  • Design & production of print and digital tools
  • Reveal event
  • Strategy & community management support
Supporting a full rebranding project – from the original name search through to the revelation to clients and stakeholders – is a truly stimulating creative adventure.


Naming, branding & house-style artwork

Creation of the new brand identity: introduce dynamism and lightness to what is a simple name; create an airy graphic representation of the name. To support the renewal and acceptance of the new brand, a corporate house style and colour charter were produced with uses, fonts, colours and applications (paper or digital).

Design & creation of the brochure & website

Contemporary, responsive and in motion, the new identity is adapted to the site in a consistent coordinated, elegant and effortless fashion. The brochure presents another side of the brand, by showcasing very dynamic codes. Visit the site

Reveal event of the new brand

The rebrand launch took place at an evening event attended by clients, stakeholders and business partners. In a summer setting on an outdoor terrace on the banks of the Seine, there was a straightforward yet chic presentation.

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