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Pitch Promotion & Fayat Immobilizer are running a large-scale scheme in the Bassins à Flot district of Bordeaux: 4 buildings of different types to revive the district.

Project 2016

Quai des Caps


Pitch Promotion - Fayat Immobilier


  • Letting marketing strategy and support
  • Naming & branding
  • Design & production of print tools
In this ambitious engrossing project, the challenge was to conceive a comprehensive identity for the four buildings together and individual identities for each type of building.

Ophélie Fordant

Naming & branding

For this large-scale project encompassing four types of buildings, a district name was developed to harmonize the project under a common brand that still enabled each asset to have an independent identity.

Design & production of teasers

Two teasers were produced around the overall identity to kick off awareness of the project: the advantages of the overall project were highlighted along with the main features of each building.

Design & creation of the brochure

Imagined as a real story book, the projects are promoted using quotes from the architects and beautiful images to illustrate their ideas. The technical specifications (plans, technical descriptions and schedule of areas) are detailed on individual leaflets inserted in a flap at the end of the brochure.

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