Inauguration Evening

1768 Notaires took advantage of their relocation to new offices for marketing purposes. From a greetings card elegantly depicting the facade through to the inauguration event a few days after their move, the premises were used to their full potential for a memorable event.

Project 2018

Inauguration of offices


1768 Notaires


  • Greetings card
  • Conception, staging & production of the inauguration of new offices
1768 Notaires wanted to bring their private and corporate clients together in a convivial event; we devised an original evening with lots of entertainment that got guests talking.

Séverine JELY

Conception & staging

To accompany the inauguration of the new offices, a common theme unfolded throughout the evening and across all the tools and gifts.


The theme “In full transparency” was adapted in the entertainment and events taking place during the evening, from the showcase on the ground floor to the photo call on the first floor…


…but also in the designer exhibition of glasses and the dance floor on the top floor. Fun was had by all.

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