Corporate communication & products

To support the marketing of its assets, Foncière Habitat produces presentation brochures and organizes events for the laying of the first stone. The residential section even produces a welcome booklet presented when people move in.

Project since 2016

Corporate & products


Foncière Habitat


  • Conception & production of marketing tools for the housing market
  • Laying the first stone
  • Greetings card
Organizing events like the ’laying of the first stone’ for residential properties implies being very close to elected representatives. The events themselves create a time for sharing.

Séverine JELY

Residential communication – Collection

To inform future residents about Foncière Habitat’s assets, Première designed and produced marketing brochures about the assets. All the projects were structured around the idea of a collection, which enabled us to focus on the identity and know-how of Foncière Habitat.

Production & follow up of perspectives

To showcase the project, we closely monitored and provided input for the creation of interior perspectives: choosing views, furniture, colours and so on.

Laying the first stone

To support the official launch of the project, we organized events around the laying of the first stone: invitations, search for themes, choice of suppliers and the running of the events, that were attended by local elected officials.

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