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Following its initial order to create a greetings card, SEDRI decided to reconsider its identity. This naturally involved reconsidering the logo and the creation of a new house style in graphics. The package was then adapted to the usual set of promotional tools. To support the change, we also orchestrated a boost in the company’s communication strategy.

Project 2017-2018

Brand image




  • Greetings card
  • New logo
  • House style artwork
  • Corporate site
To modernize the identity while preserving a reassuring link to the past, I worked on one detail of the logo to give it a new twist. The blue was conserved and coral added which added energy to the overall appearance.


Design & production of greetings cards

Using very contemporary graphics, which exploit the initial lines of the SEDRI logo, the 2017 greetings card was updated to create an energy-filled presentation. The new logo was adapted for the 2018 card using a very fine embossed technique.

Redesign of the house style & creation of the corporate colour code

The new brand identity was created with the intention of conserving some key elements while reinvigorating it. A style sheet laid out the uses, standards (fonts and colours) and applications (paper, print, digital etc.) to fix the fundamentals of the new identity.

Updating & integration of the corporate website

In alignment with the new style charter, the site was reviewed graphically to present a modernized identity coordinated with all the other marketing tools.

Visit the site.

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