Product marketing – 46 Breteuil

The prestigious setting of this asset, its privileged position and the architectural project naturally inspired the creation of an invaluable subdued identity.

Project 2017

46 Breteuil - Paris VII


Covéa Immobilier


  • Letting marketing strategy and support
  • Naming & branding
  • Design & production of print and digital tools
  • Exterior signage
  • Finishing of the marketing suite
The strategy rolled out to promote the letting of the building involved using multiple interacting supports to create a clear identity for the property while making it easy for future users to imagine themselves working there.


Naming, logo design & adaptations of printed materials

The prestigious address and the combination of art deco and modern architecture in the two buildings suggested an identity that was both massive and dainty. It summoned up the highbrow nature of a serif font with the roundness of fun fonts. The development programme was laid out in a 48-page brochure, which also included a presentation of the technical features.

Design & production of the site & app

Following the same design principle as the brochure, the Internet site presents, in an ergonomic user-friendly way, the asset’s advantages. Finally, an application provides a new immersive rich marketing experience, with orbital views, augmented reality and 3D cross-sectional views of different floors.

Visit the site

Download the app: 46 Breteuil on AppStore and GooglePlay

Design & production of a bespoke notebook

This useful and branded notebook promoted the work of Studio Putman by showing the different phases of the creative process: research for trends, drawings and perspectives. It can be kept for use as a notebook.

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